Shri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha (R.) Bangalore, is a social service organization of Havyakas who have been practicing a unique culture of their own. This organization has grown to present strength for the last 66 years. The organization has set some goals to achieve for the benefit of community. The website is another step towards Mahasabha service.

Shri Akhila Havyak Mahasabha has been helping the havyaka’s in many areas like Mangalya, Hostels for havyakas etc.

Udyoga is another wing that havyaka mahasabha is trying to help out our Havyaka Job Aspirants. It has been having a sub wing for the jobs with dedicated volunteers helping out for the aspirants. The mission of this group is to disseminate information related to job opportunities in the Havyaka community. By this way, we can help the people in the community to climb the ladder of success.

Vision of Havyaka Udyoga is: “Let us Grow and help others to grow which in turn helps the community to grow”.

This is exclusively for Havyaka community.

Being in a position of having precious members in different organizations and having the power to give employment for the people, Havyaka Mahasabha is trying to make use of all these opportunities to help out the Havyaka Job aspirants.

Obviously it is for the havyaka People, to the havyaka people and BY THE HAVYAKA PEOPLE.